Welcome to the offical website of the program code Cahmd 1.

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User friendly
Cahmd uses a simple text file format to define and run an atomistic simulation. Parameter are defined in natural syntax. The input format allows for simple algebraic expressions, physical units and powerful lists. A graphical interface (GI) allows to handle the input even more easier and give ad-hoc information about the input parameter and examples.
Cahmd has a OpenGL/Vulkan interface that allows visulaization on the fly including certain interactions via mouse and keyboard.
Multiple code approach
Cahmd consist of a multiple-code approach, combinng semi-classical dynamics with a hybrid first-principle electronic structure method. This allows to tackle energy parametrization on an electronic structure basis and even to perform ab-initio dynamics.
Cahmd works naturally with object orentated Fortran and is also interfaced with C++. Thus, adding new features is just linking it to already existign procedures.

  1. Unfortunately, there is still some of work in progress, but the team is working hard to fix the website and the code. ↩︎

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(Non-) orthogonal Tight Binding method

Atomistic electron dynamics

Atomistic lattice dynamics

Atomistic magnetization dynamics

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